Reputation Management

The credibility of a transcribed word is strengthened by the “weight” of the reputation of the users who proposed it as an alternative or accepted it. Reputation management allows uScript to weigh the credibility of a transcription, depending on the credentials of its users. This will be accomplished in two different ways:

1. Certification: Users who are experienced transcribers and who have demonstrated consistent quality in their submitted transcriptions will be “certified” by the archive authority and will be assigned a high a-priori rank in the uScript system.

2. Credit: Users of the site will receive credit for every contribution made to uScript, including additions, validations or changes. If a user’s contributions are deemed valuable by others, especially by those with higher ranking and/or certification, then the user will receive positive credit for their work and will see their reputation increase over time. However, if users make contributions to uScript that are mostly discarded or reverted by others, their credibility will drop.

By keeping track of individual users, their contributions, and their interactions with the work of others, uScript will be a reliable system in which users are held accountable for their transcription work. Our system will not be dissimilar to the reputation management systems already in use on Ebay or other online communities.